Movement in Nature Gathering

10 - 14 August 2022

Putley, Ledbury
Herefordshire UK

Movement in Nature Gathering


Take the time to re-connect to your own rhythms, to treat yourself with compassion and consciously explore your state of being


We come from the earth and we return to the earth,  the natural environment is an ever present navigation tool, reminding us of our core qualities, processes and potential. The gathering is an attempt to bring us back to these vital phenomena, and for a while, allow some respite from distractive trappings of the modern world and invest in a more holistic approach to experience


holistic movement practices inspire us to take agency over our own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and help us to understand the value and importance of our physicality


Sharing time with other people, learning with and from each other we find a sense of belonging and purpose in our lives.


Bring your tent or your camping vehicle, three is plenty of space!


Hot & Cold outside showers are available

Compost Toilets

3 Meals per Day

Tea & Coffee Station

Flora & Fauna

Embodied Flow-Contact Improvisation

Focused on Improvisation & Contact Improvisation. We explore rolling, falling, suspending, spiralling and weight sharing in a dance where listening and awareness of sensation are central themes and whereby the form arises from the content.

Body Into Land/Land Into Body

Mindful Nature connection and Embodied listening to the more-than human. From simple walking exercises, partner-work and gentle bodywork, to finding a spot in the orchard to play with ideas of soft fascination and deep time. These sessions will seek out ways we can ‘be with’ rather than upon the land.

Transformative Release

Sophie loves to open unexpected spaces for new experience. Her intuitive work is based on a constant exploration of perception and flow. Through conscious touch, movement and breath Sophie guides people through personal processes, of releasing limiting patterns which are held in body and mind.

Holistic Movement

Taking inspiration from somatics, experiential anatomy, yoga therapy and child developmental patterns, this workshop will delve into a re-discovery of what is already inherent in the body to find ease, flow and creativity in movement

Founding Artist

Hugh Stanier

Founding Artist

Outdoor movement facilitator/ Performer

Kip Johnson

Outdoor movement facilitator/ Performer

Bodyworker & Movement Practitioner

Sophie Kinkel

Bodyworker & Movement Practitioner

Dance Artist & Movement Researcher

Nathaniel Parchment

Dance Artist & Movement Researcher

Easy hike with a sweet reward
Dragon Orchard


We welcome you to stay in Dragon Nest, our recently renovated studio apartment, or in one of our handcrafted yurts. We have specifically designed our self-contained accommodation to ensure that you have plenty of space and your own private environment during your stay at Dragon Orchard. With cosy beds and private washing and cooking facilities for all living spaces, we provide the comfort you need for retiring after a day in the orchard.

Experience life in abundance
Dragon Orchard

The Orchard

Dragon Orchard's magic stems from a unique combination of stillness, structure, light and life. The interplay of weather on leaves, branches and trunk and whispering breezes plays subtly on all of your senses. Step inside to experience it for yourself.

Enjoy the view with a thrill
Dragon Orchard

The Big Hug

A curved straw bale and lime plaster structure with a handmade oak deck and benches is located on the edge of Dorothy’s Orchard. This is a very special place to sit, admire and appreciate the orchard, and Babs made good use of it in her final years.

Day example

07:00-07:30/Orchard Walk | Meditation


10:00–12:30/Morning Session



14:00–16:00/Siesta/Free time

16:00-18:00/ Afternoon Session
19:00-20:00/Evening meal

20:00-22:30/Jam | Fire bowl | Bodywork | Chill


Arriving by train from Munich

Hideout Space

I felt really taken care of. Everything was easy. Food was scumptious, the days were well balanced, the rhythm was soft and nurturing. I could breathe. And within that I found I could move in different ways, some of the ideas I understood about contact and improvisation clicked in my body. Shaking was incredible. And the quiet time with the trees. It was so many varieties of joy.

Spud Knowels

participant 2021

Laughter, Love, Kindness and Kinship!. A truly magical experience gratefully shared. I left feeling revitalised, with an enhanced appreciation for nature.

Anna Spink

participant 2021

A lovely invitation for practicing and exploring human nature, connecting to self and connecting with people .

Kohei Nakatsu

participant 2021




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Students & Recent Graduates

Students & Recent Graduates

classes of 2021-23


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Super Early Bird

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Regular Pricing

Regular Pricing

Registration deadline 30.07.2022


* price includes camping on-site in a tent or a camping vehicle

Accommodation Add-ons

Cai Yurt

No items found.

Cai Yurt is named after the Saluki dog owned by our former Artist in Residence, Jess, who previously lived in this yurt in Dragon Orchard. The main sleeping area has a raised bed with a quirky access ladder, and a comfy sofa bed to pull out if you would rather sleep closer to the ground. There is a power supply and a small electric cooker. A few steps into the orchard is a private shower, composting eco-toilet and an outside tap by the deck.

£400 single, £300 shared x2 p.p. (up to 4 for reduced price p.p)

Ash Yurt

No items found.

Tucked away on the edge of the cider orchard, Ash Yurt is surrounded by trees and is perfect for those wanting a more secluded, 'off-grid' experience. There is a King size double bed and comfy sofa bed. Cooking is on a two-burner camp stove. Outdoor washing up facilities with running water are constructed from an up-cycled apple bin and a few steps away is a private composting eco-toilet and shower unit.

£400 single, £300 shared x2 p.p. (Groups of up to 4 can be accommodated for a further reduction in price per person)

Bell Tent

No items found.

Enjoy our lovely bell-tent with ample room for 2, set within the trees of the orchard

£300 single, £245 shared x2 p.p. adding some more text to have 2 lines

Dragon Nest (Studio Apartment)

No items found.

Dragon Nest is a fully furnished loft-style studio with a brand-new kitchen, elegantly designed bathroom, soft towels, cosy sheets and farmhouse furniture.

£550 single, £413 shared x2 p.p. (Groups of up to 4 can be accommodated for a further reduction in price per person)


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